Title: The Adept's Way
Abbreviation: AW

Product Number: FA6106
ISBN #: 1-55560-260-6
Price: $18.00

"Adepts are the heroes of Barsaive, fighting to reclaim and rebuild their Scourge-ravaged land. The magical Disciplines they follow grant them fantastic powers and shape the way they see the world. A warrior sees life as a battlefield, and wields sword and shield with magical brilliance. A troubadour sees the world as a tapestry of tales and uses his magic to spin stories and songs that sway the heart. An archer divides the world into missles and targets, and powers her bow with her Discipline's magic. Through their Disciplines, adepts forge a bond between the world, powerful magic, and their own innermost selves.

The Adept's Way offers players and gamemasters an inside look at being an adept in Earthdawn. This sourcebook fully describes each of the 15 magical Disciplines most often practiced in Barsaive, from the point of view of an adept of that Discipline. The Adept's Way also includes extensive new rules for using Disciplines in Earthdawn adventures, acquiring multiple Disciplines, and role-playing suggestions for adepts."